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评论:How to deal with the sewage produced by concrete mixer

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    Eyebrows are being raised about Government advertising policy following the publication of two whole page advertisements that appeared in the March 31 edition of the privately owned Guyana Times newspaper.The two advertisements were from the New Guyana Marketing Corporation and the Guyana Forestry C

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    The Ministry of Social Protection is concerned about the increasing number of reports of labour violations being committed by entities in the Mining industry and has repeated its call for the labour laws of Guyana to be respected.According to a statement from the Ministry in recent months its Labou

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    The Guyana Police Force is investigating three cricketers who have been accused of forging national identification cards in order to enter a competition.The sixth annual Guyana Softball Cup was hosted last week by Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association. This tournament engaged Guyana United

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